Making Noise, Creating Action

Online noise to offline action. This was one of the lessons shared during a citizen journalism seminar organized by Rappler in Baguio City. These words spoke volumes and held a depth of meaning for us who want to practice development journalism.

More than the presentation of information, development journalism or devjourn seeks to create change in society by giving that power to the people, in effect, being a catalyst for societal development. This it can do through the packaging of information and stories covering the ordinary people and their lives within the different development parameters.

Thus, the Agshan, the laboratory community newspaper produced by DevJourn Majors from the Department of Development Communication of Benguet State University, strives to do just that. Agshan Online, then, is a complementary vehicle in the fulfillment of the goals and objectives upon which Agshan was established: peoples’ development.

Agshan Online is the story of us, the people and our journey toward the development of our communities.

Read. Share. Get involved. Together, we can make change a reality.

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