Election 2016: Next Leaders of Atok, who will lead?

“Here comes Election Day! Candidates remember their promises and their voters only when election knocks at the door.  What only matter to them is to earn as much as possible. They never say ‘no’ to their voters but never accomplish any promises. I hope this would never happen again,” stated by Mang Cardo, a registered voter in Atok.


As a Filipino citizen, we are called out on one of the most essential duties to elect the leaders of our government from the Chief Executive to the members of Congress.  Casting their votes is a way to exercise their right of suffrage which is a “political right intended to enable them to participate in the process of government to assure it derives its powers from the consent of the governed,” in the case of Pungutan vs Abubakar.

According to Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), there are 9,190 registered voters in Atok as of the year 2010. The Commission on Elections (Comelec) prepared on the registration of new voters and collection of biometric data from the voters. Furthermore, the Comelec removed the lists of “ghost” and “flying” voters so that others will not take advantage from it.

The day before the election, the Comelec begin putting the voting machines through their paces at different schools. Also, the different campaign materials were removed from different posting areas. Sample ballots were distributed as well to the voters to give them proper guidance on the upcoming election.

On the Election Day, there is no problem in the voting machines that was reported. Moreover, the candidates followed the rules on the dos and don’ts during the Election Period. However, there are votes which are invalid due to not following instructions in shading the proper number of candidates to vote.

The official tally and results of the local government elections held across the municipality of Atok and are collected centrally and put in COMELEC-GMA Mirror Server.

Peter Alos won the position for Mayor against Marson Lay-at with 4,954 and 3,731 votes respectively. While Angelito Galao won as the Vice-Mayor against Susan Ong with 5,079 and 3,344 votes correspondingly.

Among the 31 candidates for councilor, the eight newly elected councilors are Raymundo Sarac, Franklin Smith, Paquito Calantas, Edward Beliano, Arthur Binay-an, Pulmano Depnag, Nora Mayos and Aligan Dominador with 4367, 3276, 2937, 2704, 2504, 2367, 2126 and 2014 votes respectively.

According to Anjanette Madarang, a registered voter at Atok, she was delighted that unofficial results of the different positions are already presented just a few hours after the polling centers closed. There was no going back to the snail-paced manual vote.

“The 2016 election is a chance for change, but only if people think smart, act rationally, and vote purposefully. In order to achieve development for our locality, we must unite and help each other,” stated by Murphy Wagayan, a candidate for Councilor.

“I still have faith in our institution despite its complications. But as long as there is an effective regulation and immediate sanctions remain, the Philippines will be far from achieving truly peaceful and organized country,” ended Mang Cardo.


By: Angela Nilva




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