BSU Security Office proposes student pass slip; ensures tightened security


ID is more than a safety kit. Using IDs signify that one belongs to a certain institution. Students should not consider is as a card for gate pass but should be regarded as a uniform.

Officer-in-Charge Odelon Dulay of Benguet State University Security Office proposed a student pass slip to strictly implement ID policy in the university.

“Wearing your ID means loyalty. It shows you are proud of BSU, your very own school,” Dulay stated. Meanwhile he said that wearing ID’s is not observed by some students despite the effort of the guards to remind them.

“We would always prioritize the safety of the students and we see to it that the university assets are guarded from intruders from acts of vandalism. Therefore, with or without guards standing near the gates, students should abide with the ID policy,” he said.

Meanwhile Dulay reiterated that IDs would be a great help for easy recognition of doubtful people entering the campus. “We have to prevent strangers from entering the university which may bring negative influence to students without direct notice. That is why students should value their IDs,” he pointed out.

Moreover, he stated that students make alibis by saying that they let their IDs home, a usuall encounter of the guards. “There is a need to discipline our students from being responsible that is why student pass slip should be implemented,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dulay explained that if students forgot their IDs, they have to enter the campus to attend their classes. However, they must leave one of their things and be given a pass slip that will be signed by their respective college dean before returning to the guards to claim their thing. Also, he said that the appointed slip processed at the Office of Student Services (OSS) will still be utilized.

At present, the student pass slip is under process and is nearly approved by the committee.

On the other hand, Dulay said that there 45 guards hired under the former administration showing a good performance. “So far, we have no record of cases like theft at present. The guards works well,” he stated.

Furthermore, Dulay mentioned that the guards will end up their work on June 15. However, he said that they are subject to renewal.

“For us, the more security guards, the more advantageous it will be for the school,” he furthered. Meanwhile he added that it will be better if their performance will be evaluated by students if they are qualified for renewal.

“Well, for the fact that I was irritated when a guard asked me for my ID, I realized that proper wearing of ID should really be observed,” said Mary Grace Pedro, College of Teacher Education (CTE) student.  She ended that before students leave home, their IDs should be already be in use since guards is not only tasked to watch IDs.

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Rose Dagupen D.

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