La Trinidad CCTV Ordinance seen to lessen crime


Silent Watcher. La Trinidad CCTV Ordinance mandates the installation of surveillance cameras in the municipality to ensure the safety of commercial and service establishments as well as their workers. Surveillance cameras can also help monitor possible disturbances around.

The implementation of Municipal Ordinance No. 8-2013 mandates the use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), video monitoring devices and similar equipment on commercial and service establishments of La Trinidad, Benguet.

Proposed by Councilors Roderick Awingan and Joey Jovencio L. Marrero, the ordinance is seen to be a partner in providing useful basis on crimes and vandalism, to have a pro-active and immediate response to situations of public concern.

The installation of video surveillance cameras or CCTV helps improve surveillance and warning system that will ensure quick response to crimes and possible disturbances in the municipality.

Pursuant to the ordinance, establishments like banks, department stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and clinics, schools, bars and other business establishments with a minimal capitalization of One Million Pesos to install CCTV in their facilities, respectively.

Awingan stated that the ordinance is anchored with section 447 of the Local Government Code providing that the Local Government Unit shall “maintain peace and order by enacting measures to prevent and suppress lawlessness, disorder, riot, violence, rebellion, or sedition and impose penalties for violation.”

Moreover, he emphasized that creating a municipal ordinance, in accordance with the national law, is more effective to be implemented and is more feasible to achieve positive results.

“La Trinidad, as a first class municipality and being the capital of Benguet, gears towards the promotion of progress and development. This is by protecting businesses,” he recalled.

Chief of Police Radino Belly of La Trinidad Municipal Police Station (LTMPS) said that since the CCTV ordinance took effect, the investigation of crimes hastened.

Based from the LTMPS record from 2014 to 2015 up to the first quarter of this year, the number of reported cases like theft, robbery and physical injury increased. In 2014, there were 224 cases while last year there are 242 cases and about 131 listed during the early months.

Furthermore, he stated that CCTV is of great advantage to identify doubtful people or those who do something illegal.

“Video surveillance helps in addressing crimes and other concerns. So when they are reported to us, we secure a copy of the footage submitted as our reference. Then, we identify the suspect and file a case based from the act the person committed,” added Belly.

Meanwhile, he said that all business establishments should comply with the said ordinance. He mentioned that small business and private-owned buildings, as much as possible, should install CCTV since it is for their own good.

“Boarding houses should also have a CCTV since they were those who are commonly reporting cases of theft,” he stressed. However, he said that owners and workers of any establishments should also be mindful to spot doubtful people and should not rely too much on the CCTV.  He said that it will only remain as raw videos when unattended and when unrecorded.

“For establishments like banks, it is better if one who will always monitor the screen to spot cases like robbery so whenever there are crime incidents, the suspects will directly be identified,” he explained.

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Rose Dagupen D.

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