The Action Stars of Duterte

“Progress cannot happen in a place where there is criminality and lawlessness,

“I will increase salary for our police to fight criminality,

“I slap people in public, especially erring policemen. I can even challenge them to a duel. I am a gunfighter,” said Duterte during his guest at Makati Business Club forum at Manila Peninsula, Makati city last April 27 as he delivers his sincerest platform on peace and order.

In the election 2016, Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte received victory as the 16th president of the Philippines. This paved way for his platforms to be done. In his press conference in Davao City, he also shared some of his plans for the Philippines, these are: control drugs and crime, suppress crime in his first 100 days, restoration of death penalty for heinous crimes (rape with death of victim, kidnapping with ransom, robbery with homicide, no more deploying of barangay “tanods”, mandatory curfew for minors, arrest parents due to neglect of duties, no drinking alcoholic beverages in public places, create a Department of Overseas Workers, order arrest of illegal recruiters, sell the presidential yacht to fund buildings for the Armed Forces and the Philippine National Police.

Looking to the role of policemen, Frank G. Remington pointed out in his article “The Role of Police in Democratic Country” that the police should play a major role in fashioning and implementing a proper law enforcement policy for their community. He also pointed out that there are practical reasons why police must assume a major social responsibility whether they want to or not. These are: all criminal laws cannot be enforced fully because the resources made available to the police are clearly insufficient; even if resources were adequate, the full enforcement of all criminal laws would create an intolerable situation, because it would require the arrest of persons whose conduct is not sufficiently serious to warrant subjecting them to the criminal process; to a major extent, responsibility for deciding what laws are to be enforced under what circumstances must be left to the police.

Duterte can now work on his platforms now that he had won as the president. Are the policemen ready considering that they will play a major role in the upcoming administration?

“Mamati ak ay kaya na ta istrikto suna, ken nu haan aramiden ti pulis ti trabaho da, tanggal agad sa trabaho ken nu ingato na ti sahud awan dahilan ti corruption” (I believe that he can because he is strict and if policemen is not doing their job properly, they will be fired automatically. If he increases salary, there is no way for corruption), said PO1 Gil Cabansi in an interview.



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