Barangay Court Existing in La Trinidad Soon to be Sustained

The locals of the different barangays of La Trinidad, Benguet will no longer have to raise their complaints or clamor to the municipal, regional, or to other higher courts. They can have their cases resolved in the barangay level right away, without so much time spent or corresponding expenses.

This would soon turn out to be a reality with the upcoming institutionalization and strengthening of a municipal ordinance titled, “La Trinidad Katarungang Pambarangay (KP) Ordinance.” Pursuant to the Local Government Code of 1991, this was filed by Roderick C. Awingan, Municipal Councilor, and was co-authored by Municipal Vice Mayor Romeo K. Salda, Municipal Councilors Henry Kipas and Teddy M. Quintos.

To date, the proposal is now on its third and final reading.

According to Awingan, the Katarungang Pambarangay is one of the most effective and efficient mechanisms that helps decongest courts as it tries to settle disputes in the barangay level, and to do all means in order to avoid litigation.


Of KP embodiment

The implementation and monitoring of the Katarungang Pambarangay would be taken charge to the assigned Lupon Tagapamayapa which is a body organized in every barangay composed of the Punong Barangay as Chairman and the members of the Lupon Tagapamayapa.

Accordingly, there shall be not less than and not more than 20 people appointed by the Punong Barangay to serve in the Lupon Tagapamayapa.


Of Institutionalized Policies

With all due requirements and conditions met and the designation of an advisory council to oversee such affair, the Katarungang Pambarangay program, project, and activities are to be institutionalized.

The said program would have a quarterly journal that will include its latest jurisprudence, laws, and opinions that are relevant to its advancement. It would also establish linkages and networks to provide assistance to Lupon members in term of legal advisers and opinions.

Moreover, it shall be responsible for the regular trainings and seminars of all Lupon members in order to equip them the necessary skills and knowledge in settling conflicts and disputes.

Further, it shall formulate a system granting incentives to Barangays who had successfully solved cases that did not reach the courts and the Lupon Members had done their best in resolving cases at their level subject to availability of funds.

With chains of cases and complaints, both serious and mediocre, there is really a need to establish a localized court system so as to deter any form of further grievances. With the imminent strengthening of the Katarungang Pambarangay, it is hoped that every local citizen would have the guts to air their cases without fear of compromise and in such an accessible manner.

Manang Sandra, a resident of Barangay Betag, said that she looks forward to the implementation of the said ordinance since it may help keep the municipality peaceful as clamors and disputes will be settled more quickly in the barangay level if the Katarungang Pambarangay is fully equipped.    #VictoriaMagastino_LocalGovernment

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