Tabuk City officials take oath

Thumbs up for Tabuk City. Third-timer Mayor-elect Ferdinand Tubban (sixth from right) said in his speech that a new administration have its own set of priorities. He furthered that the Tabuk is the main priority and not self-interest.// Source: Tabuk City Information Office (CIO)

The new set of Tabuk City officials took oath of office before Municipal Trial Court in Cities Presiding Judge Hon. Victor A. Dalanao on June 28 at the Tabuk Gymnasium.

Continuity, cooperation, and economic development are the main points of the new set of officials in their individual speeches delivered after taking oath. Most of the new elected officials were re-elected for their last term in office and only three councilors-elect are neophytes.

City Mayor Ferdinand Tubban emphasized in his address that the Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) is the primary basis for directing economic development plans for the City, hence needs redefinition and improvement.

“We need your invaluable ideas to be inputs to our ELA because the ELA should be ours and not mine alone. It is our ELA that can unite our actions towards the same goals,” expressed Tubban.

Tubban said that in his last term as City Mayor, he will focus on key areas that the city needs improvement such as education, budget, business, health, peace and order, environment, tourism, social services, and infrastructure.

Panagkaysa ti umili. As a show of unity and cultural appreciation, the Tabukenos welcomes its new City officials with ethnic dances in hopes that these officials are not just for show. As pure as the tadok, the Tabukenos expect much from the new officials as they are whom they voted for. // Source: Tabuk – CIO

Third timer Vice Mayor-elect Darwin Estrañero in his speech urged fellow electoral opponents to “put into the pit of oblivion the debacle” of the May 9 elections and challenged all public servants to do their part as of his. Being at the helm of the legislative body, Estrañero said this new administration shall be pro-environment, pro-peace, and pro-poor.

Noticeable in his speech is the parable of the four monkeys. The first one shut his eyes, the second one closes his ears, the third one closing his mouth, and the last is not doing anything at all. Estrañero imposed to his new set of co-workers that they should not be any of these monkeys that closes his eyes to the truth, his ears to the plight of the people, his mouth in fighting for the people’s rights, and should do something for the city and its constituents.

“I will assure everyone that I shall be working hard for good governance,” he said.
Neophyte Councilor-elect Zorayda Wacnang emphasized on the people’s involvement in the development process. She said that the government also needs the support of the people in doing their own counterparts. She also urged her fellow councilors that it is time to work because the trust of the people is valuable.

Three termer District I Board Member and now Councilor-elect Chester Alunday pointed out that the government should be for the lesat, the last and the lost.

Ermilinda Wandag, second termer councilor compares politics to motherhood, where both entities are “brain-wrecking, emotional entangling, and time-consuming”.

Nevertheless, Wandag said that like motherhood, politics should also nurture and ensure the future of the children.

Fomer Dagupan Centro Barangay Captain and now Councilor-elect Castor Cayaba expressed in his message that he will serve the people with humility and generosity.

‘’The city government will do everything it can to continue reaping awards like the Lupon Tagapamayapa Incentive Award,’’ Cayaba underscored.

Third termer Councilors-elect Arnold Tenedero, Martinez Vicente and Antonio Bakilan promised to continue serving in the best of their ability and that they won’t be a problem for the city government.

On their second term as City Councilor, Glem Amla, Dick Bal-o and Lucretina Sarol mentioned in their speeches that they will work hard for a more progressive Tabuk.

“I think the new set of officials should also focus on employment,” expressed Rose (not her real name), a resident of Tabuk for almost fifteen years. “Less jobs make people find easy money, such as selling drugs and other illegal activities, so it is better that these people first have a stable job.”

Preceding the Oath Taking is an Ecumenical Service led by Kalinga Apayao Religious Sectors Association (KARSA). //Mikeen Penchog with reports from Darwin Serion (Tabuk – CIO)

*This article was first published in the Facebook page, Tabuk City, Kalinga.

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